The Divided Twin


Everyone has a voice in their head. Mine is just a little louder.

Identical twins Aaron and Branson Kovak are in their final year of college—Aaron’s in Ohio, while Branson remains in their home state of Wyoming. There’s also the third twin, David, who only exists in one of their minds.

Despite the distance between them, Aaron and Branson are united by a turbulent childhood they survived together. As they enter adulthood, David comes out of the shadows to wreak havoc on the real world—his idea of fun.

When their mom is diagnosed with cancer, the ties that bind the twins incite David to tear them apart at the seams.

Will they stand or fall together, or separately?  


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Paperback, ePub, mobi, PDF


Kyle Thomas,

M. Billiter


The Divided Series



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Editorial Review

Advance Praise for "The Divided Twin":

The Divided Twin is a dark, twisted, and emotionally gripping journey that will leave readers itching for more until the very last page!

- InD'tale Magazine

"Brilliant and disturbing, M. Billiter’s novel The Divided Twin takes a grim look inside the mind of a killer. A wonderful and chilling literary thriller about struggles with mental illness."

~JEREMIAH ROOD (July / August 2020), FOREWORD Reviews