Guest Post: Kyle Thomas: How I Became An Author

The Most Difficult Part of Writing

The most difficult part of writing for me was the emotional connection that I have with writing as well as my characters. When creating the plot for any of my stories I get very emotionally attached to my characters and often times I associate a character with someone that exists within my life personally. This makes it very difficult for me to put that person in a situation or scenario where they get hurt either emotionally or physically because I associate that pain with the person I connect that character to. Also, whenever my story takes a dark drastic turn it is very hard for me to bring myself to that level in order to make the plot understandable to the audience. I don’t think people will truly understand the depth of a situation unless you make the writing situation as realistic as possible. To do that I have to bring myself to that state emotionally, which has always been difficult for me since I’m mainly a happy, joyful person. Overall, the connections that I share with any story I write will always be difficult for me to write about especially if the story isn’t quite a happy, joyful one.


3 Books That Made Me Want To Become a Writer

The three books that inspired me the most to become a writer would be To Kill a Mockingbird, The Five People You Meet In Heaven, and Tuesdays with Morrie. The book To Kill a Mockingbird taught me what it truly means to write something amazing. This book created my general interest in storytelling and really engaged me to become a better writer. I own several copies of this book as it truly represents all of the essential qualities of storytelling. The next book that inspired me to become a writer is The Five People You Meet in Heaven. By far this is my favorite book of all time as it showed the importance of someone’s life through the small as well as large events that existed through their timeline. For me it highlighted that even the smallest, insignificant events held value throughout one’s lifetime. It taught me to never take life for granted, and to appreciate and respect people throughout my life.  The fact that this book had such an impact with me motivated me to write something as meaningful as this story was to me. The final book on my list is one written by the same author as The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Tuesdays with Morrie is a memoir dedicated to the author’s sociology professor Morrie Schwartz and follows his life and all of the experiences he had while living. The reason this book had such a profound impact for me was the style of writing and the connection you feel with this man that you have never met. Also, unlike the other books this is a non-fiction book which I am generally hesitant in reading normally. However, this story constantly engages the reader and really focuses on character development with each individual in the story. As well as this it really helps you understand the author through his experience in writing this story.  It was refreshing to understand the thoughts and feelings of my favorite author, and I hope one day to be able to convey my own thoughts and feelings through my stories like he has with this book.


My Path from Writing to Publishing

As a child I always loved writing and reading as my mother and grandfather were avid readers and writers; I quickly followed suit. Originally my only goal was to read and write as a hobby and nothing more, as the joy of writing stories and creating characters was good enough for me. However, the more I continued my writing into high school I had a certain English teacher recommend that I seriously think about a writing career. At first I was hesitant in creating stories that might actually be published and put it off for many years, continuing to write simply for the fun of it. However, the more I continued to write the more the idea intrigued me, and then in college I approached my mom, Mary Billiter and asked for her opinion on some journal entries that I had created. She thought these short entries were very well-written and pushed me to continue writing stories that would not only intrigue me but a wider audience as well. From there my mom and I combined our styles of writing and went on to publish her sequel novel and my debut novel The Divided Twin. I do have to say this novel takes the best of both our styles of writing and creates a story that is not only engaging but relatable with multiple audiences and my hope is that the readers enjoy our work.


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