Guest Blog Post: How LAST NIGHT began by Kim Deister

Last Night began life as a college assignment during a creative writing class I took the second semester of my freshman year of college, way back in January of 2012. The assignment was to write a short story of no more than two pages, and everyone’s story had to begin with the same line. You will find versions of that line still in my book!

Where were you last night?

We were free to write any genre, any theme. Yes, I was the only one to write a thriller. It was dark and a little bit gory. Maybe not a great life choice, in retrospect, to start the semester with a story like that. But fortunately for me, my professor loved it, even if most of my classmates did not! That story became the beginnings of what is now the last chapter of the book.

This was the first time I’ve written a book with the ending already in place. And the first draft? It looks nothing like what it is now! NOTHING! It always had a dark theme, a psychological thriller, but in the beginning, it was told from the perspective of only one character. I had finished it (I thought) and suddenly had an idea that would just about completely change it. So, I went with it, and Last Night in its final form was born.

I have eclectic reading tastes, but I have always loved a good psychological thriller. Twisted and dark, there’s something about that genre that just appeals to me. The suspense, the fear, the way a mind can bend… maybe it makes me weird, but I love it! I also love the idea that you never know what lurks behind a face. Not all monsters are ugly, after all. It’s the thrill of just not knowing! That’s why my muses for my characters were all the kind of people that you wouldn’t immediately assume were the bad guy.

Actress Claire Holt (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals) was my muse for Starra, beautiful and sultry. Rachelle LaFevre (Twilight, Under the Dome) was my Mina, gorgeous and confident. I cast model Eliran David Biton as my Zander, a tatted-up gorgeous man. And then there is Rob Lowe as Stefan. There is an unnamed man, too, in a key scene, and I used model Laurence Nicotra as my muse for him. All of these people are gorgeous, seemingly without a care in the world. But what lurks beneath those beautiful faces?

Can you see the evil behind the face, behind any face? Behind any of these faces?

Thank you so much for helping me celebrate the release of LAST NIGHT and allowing me to share the beginnings of LAST NIGHT here on the blog!


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