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Who We Are

As Hot Tree Publishing’s first imprint branch, Tangled Tree Publishing aims to bring darker, twisted, more tangled reads to its readers. Established in 2015, we have seen rousing success as a rising publishing house in the industry motivated by our enthusiasm and keen eye for talent.  Driving us is our passion for the written word of all genres, but with Tangled Tree Publishing, we’re embarking on a whole new adventure with words of mystery, suspense, crime, and thrillers.

Join our Family

Join the growing Hot Tree Group family of authors, promoters, editors, and readers. Become a part of not just a company but an actual family by submitting your manuscript to Tangled Tree Publishing. Know that we will put your interests and book first, and that your voice and brand will always be at the forefront of everything we do.

What we’re looking for:

We want your most thrilling tales, passionate crimes, unpredictable tales of suspense, and

the most innovative mysteries you have to offer. The Tangled Tree team wants to make your twisted tales of fiction available to its readers by adding the genres of crime, thriller, suspense, and mystery with their various subgenres to our established publishing house. Working closely with authors, our team will organize, schedule, and coordinate all aspects of the book development from editing to design to ensure as flawless a journey as possible. As a traditional publishing house, our mission is to extend our branches and reach new readers, sharing with them the best in tangled fiction.

For more details, head to our Submissions page.

Our Team

Rebecca Johnson
When Hot Tree opened in 2012 with the creation of Hot Tree Editing, my main goal was supporting independent authors and offering an excellent service at affordable prices. In 2015, Hot Tree Group saw the successful launch of Hot Tree Publishing, our romance publishing house. With its growth, extended range of subgenres and publication catalogue, it finally became time to open our first imprint, Tangled Tree. I’m looking to publish fiction that both challenges and thrills. I want entertaining, unique stories, originality, and am keen to welcome authors with passionate voices. I welcome authors who are risk takers and candid, and who are committed to joining a publishing family.
Kristin Scearce
Acquisitions Editor
I joined Hot Tree in 2013, based on my love of reading across all genres and my desire to help authors bring their dreams to life, not only for themselves but for readers like me. As an editor, I have worked on hundreds of manuscripts across varying genres, with a keen eye and a determination to expand the industry one fantastic book at a time. My passion has always been in the edgier side of the book world, and Tangled Tree is the perfect imprint for my tastes. From intriguing thrillers and harrowing suspense to crime stories suitable for headlines and mysteries of all types, I am ready to discover the next incredible book that will captivate readers. My aim is to always help authors be their best. Together, our publishing family will achieve great things on this new dark adventure.
Brian Broad
Submissions Reader
An avid bookworm, and having a reputation for spending more time reading than any task my wife throws my way, it’s no wonder reading is one of my greatest pleasures. A novel with a strong plot, whether it be a modern day, futuristic or historical setting is desirable as long as it draws me in and keeps me captivated. I’m also a firm believer that the hero doesn’t always have to win nor does the villain have to be unlikeable. As a fan of many genres, one of the most vital elements essential to not only myself but also to our readers are those all-important first three chapters. I welcome submissions that will keep me engaged and riveted, as well as appealing to our readers by ensuring they come back for more. If the storyline is unpredictable, with good twists and turns, then I’m keen to discover the next great piece of Tangled Tree fiction.
Ink-N-Flow Management Group
Project Management
Ink-N-Flow Management Group provides project management, author services and agency representation to publishers, agents and authors. Providing a Fortune 500 corporate mindset with a creative passion within indie budgets. Jas Ward and Lori Greis are the INF employees on our team providing project management and administrative support to Tangled Tree Publishing and its clients.

Contact Us

The best way to reach our office is via email. You can message us directly by filling out the form here, or you can email us directly at

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