BookSmith Design Interview

Claire from BookSmith Design is the cover artist behind all of our Tangled Tree Publishing covers, as well as our incredible brand. Not only do the cover designs created by Claire effectively reflect the subgenres and mood you’ll find in our titles, but each successfully has wide-market appeal and have received critical acclaim in a range of design appraisals. This new year, we wanted to share more information about our Tangled Tree designer and some of her upcoming projects with you.

Check out our interview with Claire.

1) 2019 was a busy year for you. What were some of your highlights?

It was a crazy, busy year, with lots of great releases for some really talented authors. It was amazing to see and celebrate the success of many authors I work with hitting the #1 bestseller spots worldwide.

Working on such a widespread of genres really kept me on my toes this year, but it is always exciting to get emersed into different visual worlds. I am all about support, collaboration, and teamwork, and feel lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. In 2019 my ‘book family’ just kept getting bigger!

2) Everywhere we look, we’re seeing your brand and design skills. What can we expect from BookSmith Design in 2020?

2020 is an exciting year for me, concepting for a myriad of amazing authors. Staying true to your ‘book brand’ is also a passion of mine, and something I am looking to offer as a service to my authors this year.

Creating not only a unique cover, but helping authors curate a consistent promotional look for their book with imagery style. It does wonders for teasers, launch and beyond. I am also looking to expand my branding business, where authors or publishers can get in touch for bespoke brand creation.

3) There have been many incredible blog posts coming from your website and newsletter. Can you tell us a little about them

I love to help authors out in any way I can. Having been 20 years in the design and branding business, I feel passing any knowledge that can help is essential. I simply answer the questions that authors are asking, so anything design-related that is bugging you, let me know and I will try and help.

I create free checklists with hints and tips to download with most blog posts, just to try and make authors’ lives a little easier.

4) We have to ask… and your secret is completely safe with us, but what’s been one of your favorite projects to work on and why?

Oh, that’s hard, there are sooo many!  But if I have to choose one, it will probably be A Divided Mind by M.Billiter. Designing for a psychological thriller is something I hadn’t done before. With the sensitive subject matter of a teenage boy with schizophrenia, I was totally aware the cover concept needed to be handled carefully, but being a thriller it also needed to be hard-hitting. The typographic concept of the boy’s ‘other voice’ (shown as an actual quote from the book) interrupting the title typography in the form of a ‘glitch’ aesthetic shows the constant battle happening in the protagonist’s mind. When I can get a bit of colour theory in there too I will–Yellow is the colour of madness, but only when it is in overload! So full-on bright yellow cover it needed to be! The team at Tangled Tree and Mary were amazing to work with and together, we pushed this cover conceptually to be really stand out!

5) If authors and publishers would like to use your design and branding services, how should they contact you?

Simply drop me an email to or via the form on my website

Any questions, whizz them across and I can help you out. Look forward to hearing from you.

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